Furnace Maintenance to Keep Your System in Check

Heating maintenance The number one way to make sure your furnace or heat pump lasts as long as possible is to maintain it. Regular care and service spot issues very quickly and nips them in the bud when easy to do so and for a very low cost. KTU of Spokane’s team prides itself in being the most reliable HVAC maintenance team in the Spokane area. That’s because heating maintenance is more than just a service. It’s a relationship of care and making sure a homeowner’s heating system is performing at the best level possible.

Heating Service Spokane Residents Lean On

KTU of Spokane‘s maintenance program goes far beyond just checking the heating filter is in place. While the filter, as simple as it is, can make a huge difference on the life of a system, KTU of Spokane‘s expert technicians go much farther.

They examine:

  • System pressure and performance safety.
  • The potential for cracking and leaks and serious safety risks.
  • Vent system performance to find gaps, pressure drops, proper circulation and more.
  • Mechanical and electrical system checks looking for signs of potential failure before it occurs.

When our technician arrives for a maintenance appointment, it begins a full-fledged review of the home’s system regardless of whether it is the first or 100th maintenance check. This approach is critical because no safety and important aspect is overlooked. Many maintenance visits simply do a pressure check, change the filter, blow dust from the vents and that’s it.

24 hour emergency serviceWith KTU of Spokane homeowners can be assured they will receive a maintenance review that is:

  • Professional
  • Thorough
  • Complete
  • Extensive

Extend the Life of Your Heating System, Call KTU of Spokane!

There is no reason why a Spokane area homeowner should settle for less. A full system review makes sure your home will have reliable heating, a safe environment for your family, and run efficiently for your home budget. KTU of Spokane does more than just sell heating equipment and service. They take care of their customers.

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