Efficient & Reliable Furnace Replacement in Spokane

HVAC Installation Deciding to go forward with a new heating system is a huge investment. It probably compares with putting in a pool or buying a car. Fortunately, for those in the Spokane area, KTU of Spokane has plenty of experience and know-how in this arena. We’ve provided heat pump and furnace installation services for both homeowners and buildings, ensuring that new systems are put into operation correctly, safely and in the most affordable manner possible.

Installation services from KTU of Spokane include:

  • Entire system check, double-check and compliance review to meet code and safety in every aspect.
  • Complete removal of an old system, clean up and installation of a new system with a finished level of delivery, including vent and drywall finishing if needed.
  • Follow-up and system check confirmation once an installation is running to guarantee everything is operating correctly.

With KTU of Spokane, you can rest assured that you’ll receive the most reliable and dependable heating installation in the Spokane area. We’re your go-to furnace replacement service!

Need a New Furnace or Heat Pump? We’ve Got You Covered.

KTU of Spokane’s professional approach ensures every homeowner is taken care of from beginning to end and with top quality follow-through after installation as well. That includes any needed troubleshooting and adjustments needed if it turns out that something didn’t work as expected and promised.

Carrier Furnace Our goal is to create happy customers by providing top-notch service and the most reliable and efficient heating systems. Book our heating installation service and you can count on:

  • Quality
  • Expertise
  • Performance
  • A guarantee of service after completion

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When Spokane residents want to be sure the job is done right, then KTU of Spokane has proven to be the one to call for peace of mind. We’re the #1 furnace installation service in area!